Update (12/2/13):  I was just informed by a seeker of this site and then later confirmed on Google Earth that this site is no longer in existence.  In its place looks like a newly built utility shed of some sort.  All of the cars are gone with a few dots which look like rubbish piles.

Tucked away within earshot of Route 28 west of Kingston . . . silently listening to the hum of vehicles driven by slope-shushing anticipating skiers heading to Plattekill, Bellayre, and Catskills peaks beyond, this scene of dilapidation remains untouched throughout the seasons . . . save the occasional rowdy teens . . . or me.

One of few active bluestone quarries remaining in the Catskills, this area was the dump of dozens of Porches and Audis from a local dealership. Of course the vehicles were in better condition when deposited here, but time (and 16 year olds under the influence of various things they should not be under the influence of) has taken its toll on these admired sources of transport.


The area provides numerous vistas of the encroaching Catskill Mountains. I highly recommend a visit.


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