Catskills Plane Crash

This is one of many small plane crashes littering the Catskill Mountains.

I had discovered it via one of my many time-stealing hobbies, geocaching.¬†Yes…I use billion dollar satellites to find little plastic containers in the woods….but in this case, a small plane that crashed in the 70s or 80s (there isn’t much info out there about it, but if you know anything, please share away by placing your knowledge in the handy comment box located at the bottom of this here posting).

These remains are scattered along the marked snowmobile trail hugging the base of Kaaterskill High Peak, just north of Woodstock, NY. The trailhead offers a pleasant deterrent to a few waterfalls and scenic views. I highly recommend the spur heading off to the east to Huckleberry Point.


Caution: The road heading up to the trailhead is closed during the off-season, thus is guaranteed to entice your fellow shotgun rider grab the Oh Shit handle at least once during your ascent!pa130027

For more about Catskills plane crashes:


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