Kingston Peninsula


One chilly February morning I dropped my wife off for an appointment and had a good hour or two to spare. What better thing to do in Kingston, NY when you have some time to spare but do some exploring!

I popped down along a road that edges along the Roundout Creek. In its heyday, this area was humming with the sounds of industry as it was the terminus of the D&H Canal.

Mountains of coal were loaded onto barges heading up and down the nearby Hudson River.

A man-made island was created to accommodate the infrastructure. Virtually all of what you see above is gone, yet the “island” still remains . . . silently awaiting its next purpose.

The property was easily accessible from the road…no “No Trespassing” signs from what I could see. As with many abandoned properties, this had become a dumping ground for all sorts of objects and materials.


Remnant of some infrastructure remains giving you a glimpse into its industrial past.

View from beneath the railway trestle spanning the Roundout:

There were only a couple of structures accessible to poke around in. If anyone has an idea as to what they were, please email me to let me know:

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